Community Mask

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Community Mask, recommended by Swiss Covid-19-Taskforce
Tested by SQTS (, Swiss Testing Institute)
The masks are produced with intelligent Swiss Textile technology and protected by antimicrobial treatment. They can be washed up to 30 times at 60 degrees.

Outer layer: 100% polyester mesh, coated with HeiQ Eco Dry by Maskari to ensure lasting water repellency.
Middle layer: 100% polyester, treated with HeiQ Viroblock by Maskari to provide antimicrobial protection against viruses and bacteria.
Inner layer: 100% soft cotton, treated with HeiQ Smart Temp by Maskari to support temperature and moisture management and provide more comfort

With flexible noseband, must be removed at each wash cycle (can cause machine failure)

Individually packed in polybag with instructions

Refinement with Pilatus woven label

*This face mask is neither a medical device (MP) nor personal protective equipment (PPE).
*It is recommended to wash the mask before first use.
*Wash hands and the corresponding part of the face with soap and/or suitable disinfectant before and after removing or otherwise touching the mask.
*Wear mask only over mouth and nose.
*Depose or change if soaked.

Size: one size

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